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Discussion in 'Introductions / Presentazioni' started by karaokekrazie, Sep 1, 2019.

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  1. karaokekrazie

    karaokekrazie Vu+ Newbie

    Can somebody make a list of all the acronyms used.

    As I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering what some people are talking about some times.

    As A Newbie sometimes we feel a bit lost in all these acronyms.
  2. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    Internet is full of acronyms explanation. Here we don't use many of them: the most used are, of course BH and OBH but they are obvious, aren't them. This is the BlackHole and OpenBlackHole community ;)
    Sometimes you can find OWIF, that stands for OpenWebInterface, the one by whom you have access to many optios of your box just typing in a browser the IP address of your box.
    If you have other requests, just ask.
  3. karaokekrazie

    karaokekrazie Vu+ Newbie

    What a stupid reply.
    As A newbie, I did a sensible thing and asked for help.
    I can't see it being hard to have a sticky thread with the Acronyms for us newbies.
    (This site is full of them, OPEN YOUR EYES)

    So far I've asked three questions on this site. This being my only reply to any of them.

    Clearly you all like to keep your close knit community to yourself. Well Ok.

    I've returned my VU+duo 4k unit, Purely because the so called VU+ Community couldn't be arsed to help.
  4. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    Yes, really a stupid reply.
    Instead, asking for a COMPLETE LIST "of all the acronyms used" (your words) is more clever than just asking some you did not understand or use Internet to learn them.
    You are one of those who are too lazy to discover something themselves and then ask others to help. You wanted a ALL THE ACRONYMS used, as we were the Internet Dictionary, paid to do this job.
    A bit of humility would be the best way to get help from other people.
    The fact you returned your VU+ is another clever move, like BH (BlackHole) or OBH (OpenBlackHole) were the only images for VU+.
    But surely, you did even notice this is not the website of VUPLUS; it's a community devoted to just these two images.
    But there are many others: VTi, OpenPLi, OpenATV, OpenViX and many more.
    So, if this community is so stupid, you didn't need to return your box: you should have gone to one of these other images.
    But not: you returned your box.
    It is like you buy a car and you don't like the Shell petrol stations and so you returned your car instead of going somewhere else.
    I had tried to guess which acronyms you needed to know and I had explained two of them, also asking you which other ones you needed. But this is your CLEVER reply.
    I wish I hadn't lost my time.
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  5. p.rodrigues

    p.rodrigues Vu+ User

    There are two types of ignorant: the one who asks and ceases to be, and the one who does not ask and forever is!
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  6. nunigaia

    nunigaia Moderator

    As i donĀ“t know what is Acronyms, the discussion stops here!

    It seems is nothing related about the Purpose of our Board ( BlackHole VU+ Board ).

    best regards

    **** THREAD CLOSED ****
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