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ayuda skins OpenBH

Discussion in 'OpenBH Skin & Graphics' started by nanev, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. nanev

    nanev Vu+ Newbie

    Hello friends
    I would like to know what to modify in the openblackhole skins so that the channel list shows epg of several hours, not only of the following event, in all the images (Openatv, Openpli, etc.) that I have in other decos (Dreambox, VU +, etc) I get this way, tested several skins downloaded from Addons Download Manager but all the same ....
    I tried to install some skin from other images but it seems that they are not compatible, you see what I want but I get other errors
    attached capture of my Vu + Duo2 with OpenBH and the Dreambox 8000 with OpenPli
    Thank you

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  2. nanev

    nanev Vu+ Newbie

    forgive me my english

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