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BH non officially supported languages

Discussion in 'Black Hole Translations' started by paolino, May 15, 2013.

  1. paolino

    paolino Vu+ User+++

    Only for expert users, please!

    There is a lot of requests to support other non official languages. It has a "little" limitation.
    As a lot of you now, except of new Solo2 (incoming Duo2) the boxes has flash memory limitation, so it's prefered to have only most common languages integrated inside in BH image.

    But there is a way, how to solve it. You can pick *.po file (english is the best one), from this section and follow the instructions, how to translate. Save your file in format yourlanguage.po and post it here for some testings (or do a deep tests by your own).

    After testing will be released a modified file to put it inside box folder /usr/share/enigma2/po/xx/LC_MESSAGES/ by FTP. Rebooting a box and selecting xx language, your localization (language) will be active.

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