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Black Hole 3.0.8 Vu+ Duo2

Discussion in 'Vu+ Duo2 Black Hole Images' started by Ev0, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac BH Lover

    I'm sorry but this message is useless: if you want to be sure about your (supposed) bug, do this:
    1) do a fresh install
    2) don't install any plugins (particularly none of the dangerous ones for autosettings) and perform a manual scan of one satellite. For instance, you tell you have 19,2E.
    3) choose a channel WITHOUT subservices like, for instance, BBC WORLD HD, and press GREEN to see what happens.
  2. jengstro

    jengstro Vu+ Newbie

    1) I did fresh install
    2) I have not
    3) Green button -> crash happens with: 0.8 Thor, 4.8 Sirius also.

    BBC world news 0.8W -> green button -> crash. My box is Vu Duo2

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  3. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac BH Lover

    Sorry: what VU+ do you have? You said Duo4K but
    And, above all: have you updated to 308B? It seems you are using the first release of BH308.
  4. jengstro

    jengstro Vu+ Newbie

    Anyway, I installed MultiQuickButton plugin. Hijacked green button to something else than "sub services". Do not need subservices for anything. Still though, kind of odd if other Vu's wont crash accessing subservices.
  5. GRML4D

    GRML4D Vu+ Newbie

    i wonder if the file satellites.xml is really at the right place ?
    i am unable to select the satellite by a list.. i changed the firmware but i am not reminding well how to use it .. i found astra 19 and hotbird 13 but i face few troubles with the motor ... [that i set as usals ]
    by the way , i was forced to dismount the plate antenna , first because my settings were not very good and i discovered it was having water inside ...
    by now i finish to clean it ..







    i was able to test the motor with the bh3.08 and reset it with position 0
    but not to make the rotor start by changing the satellite ..
    thank you for help
  6. GRML4D

    GRML4D Vu+ Newbie

    i found it ;'] the "error" was that user must "enable" the satellite to use the search multiplexes & that is not so easy to spot...
    my antenna is back in duty ;'] so i saw skynews has a big "brexit-countdown" ;']
    at two weeks of the d-day...
    that shows perfectly the efficiency of that europe system... the main bug is to mix big & small "countries" .. i wonder if counties are not a better choice... :help: :offtopic:

    so as i was annoyed i ve used the official vu + made a month ago ...and now that i have the antenna nearly fully installed , i miss the adds of the blackhole image... :thanks: i mean like the menu where user can make move the rotor on a side or the other...:fie::yes: :inlove: .
    may be someone could write an article about the images and what they add or remove to the official vu + .
    that would help those having specifics wanting :welcome: :lamo:

    i also ask if i can "mix" image from black hole and official : for exemple to use the image of the official firmware for the little screen...

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