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Can I have satellite and iptv channels in the same channels list and organized separately ?

Discussion in 'Newbies Questions & Infos' started by Hisham.Adel, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Hisham.Adel

    Hisham.Adel Vu+ Newbie

    Hey all,

    I want to buy a Vu+ receiver to take the advantage of the satellite and iptv services.

    I'm still learning about Vu+, my current receiver is a Humax one so I'm still at the beginning of my learning curve.

    In my Humax receiver, I don't use favorites, I just list all the channels normally and switch between them.

    I don't want the iptv channels to be separated from the satellite ones, I want them all in a one list and to be able organize them the way I want.

    For example, channel 1 is a normal satellite free-to-air channel, channel 2 is an iptv channel.

    Thank you all :)
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  2. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

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