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CI access to VAST services' in Australia

Discussion in 'CI Modules' started by Aust-VAST, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Aust-VAST

    Aust-VAST Vu+ Newbie

    In Australia we have a "different" approach to broadcasting and as I said elsewhere; Due to FTA broadcasting changes have been reluctantly forced to install a new home theatre core provider on the VAST platform with a VU+ DUO2.

    The Broadcaster provides a proprietary "bonded" CAM and CARD with the version I have bought for eight (8) services.

    However the VU+ DUO2 can only record one service at a time and has blank recordings if the menu choice "Recordings have priority = NO" and the user is tuned to another provider.

    EG: Schedule an ABC service and watch SBS, the ABC recording will be "0 minutes" and blank.

    Can someone tell me if this is by design?

    Does this dialogue confirm that engineering ruleset; "(Single decode") forced by the VU+ DUO2 or is it the CAM's policy ?

    Irdeto Client Status (single decode) 3.6.28.jpg

    For further information, the VU+ DUO2 I have will not mount its internal disk if I use an image later than 2015-10-19_experimental / factory image on VU+ DUO2 CFE V2.

    Model: Duo┬▓
    Chipset: 7424
    Frontprocessor Version: 0
    Total Memory: 1240776 kB
    Free Memory: 1151296 kB
    Box Uptime: 2:24
    System OE: OE 2.0
    Distro: official
    Firmware version: Experimental 2015-10-20.
    Driver date: 3.13.5-20150623.r0
    Kernel version: 3.13.5
    Gui version: 2015-10-19-vuplus_experimental
    Tuner A: Vuplus DVB-S NIM(AVL6222) (DVB-S2)
    Tuner B: Vuplus DVB-S NIM(AVL6222) (DVB-S2)

    Using another brand of dual tuner DVB-S2 STB I can record two different services' and watch another using the same broadcaster provided CAM and CARD without problem as it is licensed for eight (8) services on that platform.

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