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Enhanced Movie Center V4

Discussion in 'OpenBH Plugins' started by nunigaia, Jul 15, 2015.

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  1. nunigaia

    nunigaia Moderator

    Enhanced Movie Center 4.0


    MovieCenter - add get real date for folder, to sort this now also, if they are in the list, not at top
    example-screen "EMCPlaylist" added in /CoolSkin/EMC_Setup_and_CoverSearch_screens_Only_for_info.txt
    MovieInfo, EMCPlaylist - small cosmetics


    new screen "EMCMovieInfoTMDb", see in /CoolSkin/EMC_Setup_and_CoverSearch_screens_Only_for_info.txt
    selectable for Info-Button(long),
    or you can setup in MovieInfoSetup to switch on all ways to the new screen(for color-buttons, or over Menu)
    add show Category(Movies or TV Shows) in Searchlist
    add show Cover in Searchlist
    show Cover in Tmdb-details-page

    older changes:

    git - EnhancedMovieCenter.pot updated for all available new entrys for translation
    EMCPlaylist - random play
    EMCPlaylist - show meta-title in playlist
    EMCPlaylist - function added(over color-buttons for "add to playlist"), or over Menu for all Playlist-functions
    MovieInfo - add Coversave-function
    MovieInfo - add searching for TvShows-Category
    MovieSelection - adjust File-deleting
    EitSupport - added special chars for croation language
    EMCMediaCenter - new way to change the av.policy's
    MovieCenter - added new sort-modes
    "Alpha sort ascending (AZD-)" - for double entrys is the new date the first entry, without showing meta-title
    "Alpha sort ascending with meta (AZM)" - like AZ, but sort the title with the Meta-infos-title
    "Alpha sort ascending with meta (AZMD-)" - for double entrys is the new date the first entry
    EMCCoverSearch - various changes, also for overwrite existing Covers and when can not write
    and can now change the Searchsites.values to the others
    add function to search Covers for Directorys
    MovieSelection - add option to search Covers without files in Subdirectorys(faster)
    IMDb - add function to save Imdb-details over Imdb-plugin from oe-alliance-git
    also add function to show saved Imdb-details directly for Info-Button(long)
    MovieSelection - add option/function to limit the entrys in LatestRecordings(faster)
    MovieSelectionMenu - add new function to reset Marker for file or selected files
    MovieSelection - add move Directorys for Video-button
    MovieCenter - add show Meta-title in Movielist
    MovieCenter - add show service-picons for own records in Movielist
    MovieCenter - various other changes
    MovieSelection - various other changes
    various other changes

    Thanks to daTa deVil

    Copyright (C) 2011 by Coolman & Swiss-MAD

    best regards

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