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EPG Black hole

Discussion in 'Black Hole Epg' started by kurokuro, May 4, 2019.

  1. kurokuro

    kurokuro Vu+ Newbie

    Hello guys!

    I use BlackHole

    I cant manage the EPG to work on it for my IPTV. I have satellite channels on the same box and the EPG works fine on that.

    I use Cross EPG . I go to settings and update the Rytec-providers for some countries that I use. It downloads for all conutries and says "Complete". But still no EPG.

    I also have EPG importer installed. When I go to settings there and try to download , it says "no EPG-data to download" for all countries...

    BTW...Is the right setting for "EPG location" in the general settings for VU+ "media/hdd"

    Anyone who can help me? :)
    Last edited: May 4, 2019
  2. Thomas67

    Thomas67 Vip

    EPG for IPTV is really tuff to get working. Its not the same as Sat EPG
    So first we have to understand how this Sat EPG works and from that we can go forward and get a OK EPG for IPTV.

    All Sat channels have a uniq EPG ID and with this we can get EPG over the DVB Stream from Satellite.
    No need for any plugin like EPG Importer or Cross EPG. This type of EPG is not perfect on all Satellites but thats the basic function.

    With Cross EPG and EPG importer plugin we take advatage of the XMLTV format where we can download EPG for up to 7 days if we are lucky.
    Both plugin use the same EPG ID when parsing epg with the channels in your STB. Problem with IPTV you see as soon as you open
    one bouquet. Satchannel (Eurosport) is named like this but the IPTV channel often look like this (Eurosport HD UK) so this is one problem
    Wrong name on your Channels will generat wrong or no EPG. Then we have the accual channel id. If you use DVB 1 as standard you will
    have some better chance of working IPTV EPG with just correcting channel names as descibed in the above example.
    If you use serviceApp and players 5001/5002 you will have a more difficult jobb to get working EPG.

    But there is an easy but lots of work solution. Get a copy of E-Channelizer there you can copy and past all EPG ID from sat channels over to your IPTV channels.
    You have to options, Assing DVB Sat id or XMLT id. I suggest you use XMLT EPG ID assigning then you can use CrossEPG plugin. You can of cause use EPG Importer also.
    Save epg source with E-Channelizer and upload bouquets and favorits to your STB. Restart Enigma2 and you should have a good working epg from both CrossEPG and EPG Importer.

    Last if you have the option to save EPG.DAT on an usb stick thats the best solution but of cause HDD is better then inside the flash memory.

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