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free App "vuplusTV" for Apple TV

Discussion in 'Ipad, Iphone, Android & Other Tablets' started by ssbmaccom, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. ssbmaccom

    ssbmaccom Vu+ Newbie

    Sorry for my late reply. I checked with my setup (AppleTV 4 with Vu+ Solo2) and "Zap on STB" worked like intended. I would need to get into this in more detail. Which Image do you use? Which version of OpenWebIF?
    Please get back to me.

    1. Is the whole channel not shown or is the PIcon missing?
    2. The App is reloading the PIcons that are older than 8 hours on the AppleTV to reduce the load this puts on the STB. So after installing a new PIcon set, it may take a while until the PIcons get reloaded.
    3. The playback is completely handled by the VLCKit (which is the videolan engine embedded into my app). I do not have influence on this. But next version (close to release) comes with a new version of VLCKit which may handle these cases better.
    4. I tried with different setting for buffer size, indeed, it did not help that much. But I could couple it with the remote connection setting.
    5. I started to work on Full-EPG (maybe an in-App purchase), state is between Proof-of-concept and Alpha. Of course selecting a show in the future will then offer to add a timer for it, showing this channel does not make sense ;-)
    6. Well, at least the app remembers the last opened bouquet and shows its channels. Consider to sort your bouquets on the box or remove the ones you do not need. Adding a filter for Bouquet name is error prone and quite some effort to implement.

    BTW: from the feedback I got from various locations, the new version of the tvOS version will introduce a Sleep-Timer.
  2. jjhetfield

    jjhetfield Vu+ Newbie

    I am running it on an AppleTV 4k with VU+ Uno 4k.
    As for the questions/points above:
    1. The whole channel. It is the SD version of a HD channel - the HD channel is shown alright, the SD is not. Both are visible / playable on any other client (Kodi and VLC on Windows, OSMC and LibreElec, OpenWebIF).
    2. Understood. It might be useful to have a "refresh picons" button which triggers a re-download. Or, if the AppleTV supports it, a "rsync" feature would be even nicer. But this is not critical.
    3. Looking forward to the new version. I suspect there's insufficient buffering in the beginning (as the playback starts almost instantly) and then, as soon as there are some packets lost, the playback is trying to catch up with the live signal.
    4-6. Alright.

    7. Forgot to mention: is there some reason for which the deinterlacing setting is not global? BoB works fine for me and it's great that each channel remembers, but would be useful to have it set globally (and perhaps being able to switch it to something else for other channels.

    By the way, is there some way to use transcoding? I imagine this could be just an option during playback (i.e. "switch to transcoded stream").
    Thanks a lot for the support. This is a nice app and I would really like to see it develop further.
  3. HomeCoach

    HomeCoach Vu+ Newbie


    I´m using this great App on my AppleTV 4k with my SoloSE and Duo2. Everything works fine. LiveTV is really perfect :D.

    But I have a problem to access my recordings. I have mounted a directory on my NAS via the "automounts.xml" and I have several Sub- and Sub-Sub-Directories. But in the App I can´t see all directories! Only 3 Subdirectories are shown but there are many more.

    Is this a known issue? Or do I something wrong?

    Many thanks in advance
  4. ssbmaccom

    ssbmaccom Vu+ Newbie

    1. Not sure, what the SD version of an HD channel is. Usually the box is using gstreamer to re-stream the stream it gets from the tuner (with or without CAM) to the network. So either the stream is SD (576i PAL?) or it is HD. Downsampling the stream would mean it gets transcoded.
    2. I consider a "refresh picon" in one of the follow up versions. I did not consider this as important yet, as usually most people are not changing their PIcon set that often.
    3. I am not sure, if it is insufficient buffering, it could simply be, that VLCKit is starting to playback some parts while other parts are in configuration. EG, shows video frames before audio playback is ready. This results in the hick-up when starting a stream.
    7. By default VLCKit is using blend for all streams, including progressive ones (which is a bug in VLCKit). I have added the saving of the deinterlacer per service so you can disable it for progressive services and pick special ones for dedicated channels. Deinterlacing is always a compromise and each deinterlacer has its pro and con which mostly depends on the program contents. Too bad, so many service still use interlaced streams. For me 720p looks better than 1080i even 720p gets scaled.

    You also sent this question via mail? I answered it already...
    To others: the problem is, that OpenWebIF API is returning the contents of a dedicated file on the box describing the directories, where recordings are stored. When you create subdirectories via FTP, SSH or in your case maybe with the webinterface of your NAS, these directories are not added to this dedicated file and then the API does not tell about it. OWIF is more flexible when gathering these directories as it runs on the box itself and easily query the file system.
    Try to create a new directory on the box or using OWIF. This will add the entry in the file. Then move the files on your NAS to these directories - should work then.
  5. HomeCoach

    HomeCoach Vu+ Newbie

    Yes! :) Many thanks :happy:
  6. jjhetfield

    jjhetfield Vu+ Newbie

    @1: Sorry, I was not clear. The same channel is broadcasted twice by the provider, on two separate frequencies (ChannelX "SD" and ChannelX "HD" - one in 576, the other in 1080). The SD channel is not shown at all, while the HD one is. They are both visible in any other client.

    I read on a different forum that you're currently testing the new version. How do we go about getting access to it for helping with the tests (or when will the new version be published in the AppStore)?
  7. ssbmaccom

    ssbmaccom Vu+ Newbie

    Sorry, that I get back to you that late. Anyway - I submitted Version 1.1 for iOS and 1.5 for tvOS to AppStore Review yesterday. I hope both versions will be available in the AppStore before the holidays.
    For follow-up topics, just get back to me via PM or using the support form at I can add you to testflight then. I give details about the requirements then.
    Enjoy the holiday!!

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