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free App "vuplusTV" for Apple TV

Discussion in 'Ipad, Iphone, Android & Other Tablets' started by ssbmaccom, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Rave Maus

    Rave Maus Vu+ Newbie

    I found mine in the feed of OpenATV and made some personal settings with the Windows app "Dreamset".
  2. Richardfm

    Richardfm Vu+ Newbie

    Thank you.
  3. ssbmaccom

    ssbmaccom Vu+ Newbie

    I really apologize, that I haven't been here to respond to your questions and complaints.
    With version 1.5 (tvOS) and 1.2 (iOS) there was a severe issue with services - most often IP-TV services - that result in a "malformed" service reference, that was causing bad side effects inside the app. As final result - the app was crashing when it tried to download the PIcons, which starts a few seconds after Bouquets and their Services are loaded.
    In most cases this issue showed up for users, who did not use the service scan to build up their bouquets but were using predefined Bouqet lists from plug-ins like Hans Settings or Hank Lists. As interim solution those users would have to remove all IP-TV bouquets from their STB and I got confirmation, that the app worked fine then.

    I really should have communicated this here as well.

    Biggest issue was, that I was not able to reproduce the issue in my setup, as I do not use those predefined service lists. It took a while until I found the cause and then have been able to fix it.

    But the good news it: I fixed it and the new versions finally just passed AppStore review - so they should be available to you soon.

    There were some other issues fixed and more improvements along with the new versions:
    - playback is full screen again on iPad Pro with iPadOS 13
    - the top HUD (Audio tracks, Subtitles and Deinterlacers) was invisible on iOS13, iPadOS 13 - this is fixed as well
    - There were several issues with the TopShelf on tvOS and most of them were addressed
    - Some plug-ins create subdirectories inside the movie locations, but these subdirectories are not registered to the settings of the STB. Subdirectories are now dynamically loaded as soon as they are found
    - Especially for recorded series ordering and display have been improved, it is much easier to identify an episode by name of the series and the season number (depending on the directory structure created by those plug-ins)
    - added localization for Catalan language
    - updated VLCKit - according to VideoLan, Airplay 2 is supported now, which should fix the audio lag when using HomePods or other Airplay 2 devices

    There were some more smaller improvements and fixes.

    I hope you enjoy the new version ;-)
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  4. skr7

    skr7 Vu+ Newbie

    Hi ssbmaccom,

    thanks for the ATV update!

    However, with the latest version I’m not able to play and recordings anymore. Live TV works.

    Selecting a recording changes to the view where details about the recording are shown and the video is supposed to start. The details show up but the video keeps black and after a few seconds this screen exists back to the list of recordings.

    I’m streaming from an OpenATV 6.1.0 Box and everything worked perfectly until the update today.

    Any idea how to get this working again?

  5. ssbmaccom

    ssbmaccom Vu+ Newbie

    This behavior shows up, when VLCKit is not able to open the stream correctly. The App tries 3 times and then returns to the selection screen.
    For me it is hard to figure, why VLCKit is unable to start the stream.
    Maybe enable Debug Logging in the Settings, try again and then close the App. With next start you can disable Debug Logging again. Since version 1.5 VLCKit messages are included into the log - and then there will be lots of messages for delayed frames etc.
    When closing the app, the files get copied to your STB, grab it from there and share it with me please.
    If I have to escalate the issue to the VideoLan team I may need a short recording (1 minute is enough). I will have to upload it to them for analysis.
  6. Rave Maus

    Rave Maus Vu+ Newbie

    Also here the same issue.
    I reloaded my "old" channel list with IP-channels and that works fine now.

    Playing back my recordings gives the same issue as skr7 mentioned.
    OpenATV 6.3.0 on Vu+Duo2 here.
    With the previous app playing back recordings never gave problems (off course when I didn't use a IP-channel channel list)

    I can provide the asked files via your mailadress. I'll send it asap.

  7. skr7

    skr7 Vu+ Newbie

    Dump question: where exactly do I find the log on the STB?
  8. ssbmaccom

    ssbmaccom Vu+ Newbie

    It should be in a subdirectory of your main movie location - if the files can be transfered to this location via FTP. But not required anymore ;-)

    I just prepared new Beta versions before AppStoreConnect is closed for today. Hopefully the Review for the new beta is processed soon and a brief round of Beta-Testing can be completed soon.
    • fix for broken URL-encoding for playback of recordings
    • some services send HTML-Entities in the titles field of their EPG data, this field also gets decoded now
    Overall I hope I can release these new "hotfix" versions until latest next weekend. Sorry for inconveninces.
  9. skr7

    skr7 Vu+ Newbie

    The missing FTP service explains why I do not see the logs.

    Anyway, thanks for the quick update!

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