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How to set the best TV image/picture quality.

Discussion in 'Black Hole HowTo & Guides' started by Matrix10, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    For those who are using Samsung TVs (HD / UHD) but also other TVs, and BH image is valid for all VU + boxes that use the last images and default skin.

    How to set the best image/picture quality.

    First activate in the green panel plugin UI position setup (can be also activated in the browser plugin panel)
    You get a TV test image addressed by setting attention to every detail.
    In particular, the legibility of color in the upper and lower range.
    Do not use dynamic contrast he destroys range.
    Do not use large values for sharpness scaler causes artefacts and deformation.

    You sit in front of TV at a little distance and tweak

    Good guidance and fairly accurate value for Samsung here (but in Germen)
  2. kelborai

    kelborai Vu+ Newbie

  3. kosmani

    kosmani Vu+ Newbie


    I have recently bought a LG OLED C6, and I am very pleased with the TV, besides motion flow! I used to have a Samsung 55JS8500 and I believe it handled a bit better the motion interpolation! Does any of you have any particular VU SOLO SE - BH 3.0.2 settings that clould help me adjust the best settings to watch football! For the time being I have set at A/V SETTINGS -
    MODE 1080p,
    Refresh Rate - Multi,
    Scaler sharpness at 8 clicks. Autoresolution -off.

    Please share if you have the same reciever and Tv what settings do you use.

  4. Blarren

    Blarren Vu+ Newbie

    The broadcast is probably sent in 1080i 25Hz and the Vu+ interpolates to produce a 1080p 50Hz signal if you have that selected in the Vu+
    Try and let the LG do the interpolation by sending 1080i to it. The LG are probably better at smothing out the motion flow with it's more
    advanced circuits. Also try the different upscale options in the LG, or without them. I cannot see from the advertising blurb that LG has
    any kind of anti-blur function. I think it is one of the most important functions of a tv. You don't wan't to see a football jerk and blur across
    the screen. That's the reason I got a Philips set that has one of the best smothmotion functions in the business. I will always get a philips tv
    as they often are the most advanced sets and do a lot of research.

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