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How to setup and use BH Tuner Server with 2 Vu+ Box's

Discussion in 'Black Hole HowTo & Guides' started by bogdanm, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. skytouch

    skytouch Vu+ Newbie

    Hello Dear,

    This is Great Stuff.

    I have Vu+Solo2 as a Tuner Server and its connected with LAN (Router) and another box is vu+solo (Client which is connected with a wireless adapter on same network .

    I have build the server according to guide above but when i try to scan in my client vu solo i can't find the server?

    Do i need to connect both receivers with LAN or i am missing something.

    I am newbie please help.

  2. skytouch

    skytouch Vu+ Newbie

    Hello dear,

    I have figure it out and its works like a charm on the same network.

    But i have one more question if i want to put one vu+solo2 (server) in one house and client vu+solo in another house, how it will work?

    I mean to say how i can access one box remotely as a tuner server.

    Your comments will be highly appreciated.

  3. angelofsky1980

    angelofsky1980 BlackHole Driver Specialist

    You must have an advanced network configuration with VPN IPSec or similar one to access the server box from the remote location and a very good upload/download speed from both sides ..... In my country this is not applicable because we have very bad bad connection speeds.....
  4. ucef68

    ucef68 Vu+ Newbie

    hello ,
    can anyone tell me how to stream using rtsp protocol , thank you by advance
  5. Eragon

    Eragon Moderator

    To Angelo (and all other experts),

    as you suggested I'm now testing the Remote Channel Convert method.

    Previously I've tested also Tuner Server but I got always an empty folder on the server with no channel bouquet inside (like other users have reported here earlier).

    Remote channel stream works pretty well, and it's by far more comfortable to use than the MediaPlayer for the Tuner server.

    Now I've a couple of questions when using Remote channel stream:

    a) can I now disable Tuner server in the server box?

    b) does the channel streaming require an HDD in the server box? In other words, is the stream continuously written on the server box's HDD before sending it to the client? Since I have a SSD in my Duo2 (the server box), I can't hear the HDD working... and since the SSD has a limited writing life, I don't want to wear it very quickly...

  6. angelofsky1980

    angelofsky1980 BlackHole Driver Specialist

    a) Yes you can disable it
    b) I don't know ...
  7. Eragon

    Eragon Moderator

    Can you hear your HDD spinning when using remote channel stream? Or do you have a SSD HDD too?
  8. angelofsky1980

    angelofsky1980 BlackHole Driver Specialist

    I've a platter HDD ... I'll check if the HDD is used ....
  9. daffy

    daffy Vu+ User

    i follow this guide, but i have 2 problem.

    1. it did not create m3u files in dtt bouquet (sat and iptv bouquet it is all ok).

    2. if i start a m3u does not work!

    vu+solo2 server
    vu+duo client
  10. angelofsky1980

    angelofsky1980 BlackHole Driver Specialist

    Use Remote Channel Stream Converter plugin located into Menu - Setup - Configure Tuner
  11. themadrix

    themadrix Vu+ Newbie

    The tuner server creates lists for every custom list but favourites.
    You can duplicate the favourites list into another bouquet, so that the tuner servre builder reads the clon.

    You can avoid doing that manually, either with DreamboxEdit, or with DCC (by duplicating the favourites bouquet and adding a line in one of the bouquet control files).

    Remember to reboot the machine so that the tuner server refreshes the channel bouquets.
  12. dacorsa

    dacorsa Vu+ User

    i have test this guide and works, but in Local network freeze always with HD channels.....why?

    i use vu duo as server and vu solo as client

  13. MAGOWN

    MAGOWN Vu+ Newbie

    I used to install catseye 28.2e under 'blackhole settings' but that looks different now. Where might I find latest catseye 28.2 and where can I put it?
  14. superglud

    superglud BH Lover

    Blackhole Team please fix this "Tuner Server" issue.

    Best regards

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