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How to stop recording skip when sat signal lost

Discussion in 'CI Modules' started by adamadamadam, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. adamadamadam

    adamadamadam Vu+ Newbie

    Hi there. Vu+ Solo 4k user with Open ATV (but willing to switch images to solve problem)

    So I watch a lot of sport on foreign channels. Sometimes I sync it up with English language commentary from the radio, and I use the record or timeshift to sync the two up.

    My problem is that if the signal drops out on the sat for a moment, instead of recording black, it skips ahead to the next good moment. This knocks me out of sync with the audio.

    Is there a way of forcing an enigma2 system to record black insted of skipping ahead?

    Many thanks
  2. newgolfer

    newgolfer Vu+ User+++

    This is Black Hole and Open Black Hole Images forum and here we only discuss about these images: please ask in the Open Atv image forum to solve your problem.
    Many thanks.

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