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How to translate/upgrade translations of Black Hole image

Discussion in 'Black Hole Translations' started by Shiro, Feb 16, 2013.

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  1. Shiro

    Shiro BH-C

    Dear community,
    Starting from 2.0.0 version, Black Hole image is fully translatable.
    On every upgrade, you will find in this forum the file to update translations for all supported languages.


    1) Download and install the program Poedit. You can have version for all operating system,: Linux Windows and Mac:

    2) Download from this forum the latest language pack and unzip it. You will find the language file for your country with .po extension. Es. en.po for english.

    3) Launch Poedit and load the .po file of your language.

    4) Make translation of string not yet translated or modify all that you wants.
    P.s. Because there are strings with carriage return that can cause errors in translation i suggest to copy ALWAYS the original phrases in the translation input text and then overwrite it with your translation.

    5) To test your translation Save the file in Poedit.
    Poedit will generate two files. The new .po and a file with extension .mo.
    To test your translation rename the file .mo in and upload it in the folder: /usr/share/enigma2/po/your language/LC_MESSAGES overwrting the existing file.
    Rstart enigma2 and you will have your translation.

    After you work is complete and you have tested the file you can post here for testing.
    After your file will be tested from users and reported ok it will be added in Black Hole sources updating translation.
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