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HowTo flash/update Vu+ images

Discussion in 'Black Hole HowTo & Guides' started by Mito, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac BH Lover

    Do you know what a FULL backup does? It reflashes with exactly the same situation you had at the moment you created this fullbackup. So, everything goes back. So, reflashing from scratch and then reflashing by a fullbackup is useless.
    If, instead, you did not mean the FULL Backup but the Personal Backup (settings, plugins, and customizations), nobody recommends to use it: there are always problems.
    What you can save by your PC or simply by the OpenWebInterface, are the channels. There is also a way to save the tuners' configuration but it's a bit complicated. Much easier is to take note of it and redo from scratch.
    Is not even clear where did you downloaded the BH307 from: you wrote from "cupluc homepage". Probably you meant vuplus homepage?
    If so, they don't provide with the BH but with the original VUplus image. Only from this our forum you are sure to find the original BH and OBH images, one for each VU+ model.
  2. ArtursPlits

    ArtursPlits Vu+ Newbie

    All images I downloaded from
  3. ArtursPlits

    ArtursPlits Vu+ Newbie

    I DONT GET IT!!! What is happening? I just flashed my tuner with OpenPLI 6.2. Everything's working. I even initialized and mounted my HDD and after restart my box loaded. I made deep shutdown - all is working!!! Why I have problems with Black Hole?

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