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keep up the great work

Discussion in 'Board News, Questions and Suggestions' started by segredo, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. segredo

    segredo Vu+ Newbie


    As you know there are many rumors on the net about who really is the BH team.
    and it is dangerous to install the images BH, bla, bla, bla ...............

    jealousy is terrible !!!!!

    I know some of you long time ago, I would install any image made by you with my eyes closed!

    I hope you have a great success, and a bright future

    keep up the great work

    and ........................ I'm waiting for version 1.4.4 :D

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  2. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    My dear friend segrado,
    to tell the truth
    I can only laugh at these jokes
    from our opponents .
    But as you know the lies have short legs
    I know that our friends for years
    on all SAT forums are well aware of the truth.

    BH 1.4.4 soon [​IMG]
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  3. Tamaki

    Tamaki Administrator

    Why shpuld be dangerous to install BH?
    This is really silly :)
    I don't think you have to wait so much for 1.4.4 ;)
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  4. a911

    a911 The BH Lover

    Ya I think its dangerous to install BH image....why?....becouse U get addected to the image and your boxs will reject (go on strike) and not reboot if NO BH image in the flash....:lol::lol:!

    @segrado....install BH image 1.4.3 and you will have Peace of Mind!...No green screen,,easy to adopt...etc!

    Have fun with BH Image!
  5. segredo

    segredo Vu+ Newbie

    Hello friend

    I use the images on my bh + vu duo since they were born!
    use them blindfolded ... because I am sure that the best image to use my VU +

    As you know there was a "fraction" of old teams and it is natural that such rumors appear on the net, to try to "discourage" the use of the work of other teams

    I use the BH without fear [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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