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Problem with Time/date

Discussion in 'Vu+ Duo Black Hole Images' started by rassi, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. rassi

    rassi Vu+ User

    Has anyone else got problem with time&date?
    It started yesterday for me, at the moment it is 25.6.2005 and time is about 3h ahead.
    Using thor and sirius satellites.
  2. Dzoni

    Dzoni BH Lover

    Hi colleague !

    1. From Your PC go via telnet in Your vu box, (start,write "cmd" and when open black screen write "telnet ip address" - ip addres is a LAN IP of Your box,write user :root and Your password)
    2. write "date"
    3. You need to write time and date in this form "
    MMDDhhmm" For example today, 07091500 - 09.07. 15:00
    So final is:
    4. date 07091500 for today in 15:00h , You just change time (last 4 digits)

    After this restart box.

    Regards !
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  3. rassi

    rassi Vu+ User

    That didn´t help, it take allways time/date from satellite after ´date´ command and it did go back to year 2005 :(
    But i just did personal backup -> flash -> Restore and it is Ok again, no clue whatta hell happened to the box, nothing was done to it :)
  4. Dzoni

    Dzoni BH Lover

    This work on all e2 boxes !

    Put fresh image BH in flash and try.
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  5. peppereyes

    peppereyes Vu+ Newbie

    how do you do this on a au+ solo 4k box, do you have full instructions please.

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