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Discussion in 'Vu+ Open Embedded & Firmware Develop' started by serdeliuk, May 11, 2020.

  1. serdeliuk

    serdeliuk Vu+ Newbie


    Your image does not support any qwerty devices by default.
    This is because nobody bothered on your side to see why.
    Your developers took the code as is and then nobody checked what happen and all answers from you on this matter are to use original image, really?

    For sure you can do better.

    The issue is here lib/driver/rc.cpp

    Following code set a boolean value always true because you cannot guess what device is in the air by checking driver name... and all internal IR drivers have that string in the name regardless the model or the company who produce the stb.

    <code> m_remote_control = getDeviceName().find("remote control") != std::string::npos; /* assume remote control when name says so */ </code>

    Following piece of code render disabled any QWERTY capable RC emitters based on above boolean

    bool eRCInputEventDriver::isKeyboard()
    if (m_remote_control)
    return false;
    /* check whether the input device has KEY_A, in which case we assume it is a keyboard */
    return hasCap(keyCaps, KEY_A);

    Best regards,

  2. serdeliuk

    serdeliuk Vu+ Newbie

    Unfortunately it seems that OpenPli team disabled all qwerty input on purpose instead to dig into a virtual keyboard issue, however, this does not excuse your responses on that matter.

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