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Review Vu+ Solo2 By Black Hole

Discussion in 'Vu+ Solo2 Black Hole Images' started by lorenzo64, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. NickZ

    NickZ Vu+ User

    PQ in Solo2 is excellent, better that in DM800 I used before. Tuner sensitivity is better too. I have tested various images on Solo2 ( latest BH, VTI, VIX, PBNIGMA) in multi-boot environment. All images work well and are stable enough. PQ of HD channel transmitted via LAN is excellent too due to 1GB LAN I used with Solo2. I must say that PQ depends on image configuration ( particularly, I recommend you not use various PQ software improvements) and the comparison is correct when similar configs are used.
  2. NickZ

    NickZ Vu+ User

    You have not understood me. I booted BH from flash with fresh SSD installed. No visible SSD after 3 reboots of BH! Then I rebooted in VTI via MeoBoot. It detected the SSD immediately. I made SSD formatting and reboot again BH from flash. It had seen the SSD. I may conclude that a) BH does not see unformatted SSDs, b) meobooted images ( at least VTI) CAN SEE AND FORMAT fresh SSDs, c) BH see the formatted ( ext3) SSDs.
  3. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    I do not have such experience with SSD
    true I tested earlier than you
    Your conclusion is standing on wobbly legs.

  4. dooste.man83

    dooste.man83 Vu+ Newbie

    really!!! What IMAGE do you use?

    wasn't the picture sharp and smooth?

    i read many review that all of them tell the picture quality is sharp and smooth and solo 2 has great picture quality !!!!
  5. dooste.man83

    dooste.man83 Vu+ Newbie

    my friend ... thank you for reply me .... it was useful for me
  6. zdan

    zdan Vu+ Newbie

    I agreed that Solo2 has sensitive tuner, but in my case I had to spent 15mins just to scan one satellite..! why it take too long to scan? My config. Dual C/ku Lnb's and with Motex postioner.
  7. naiarty

    naiarty Vu+ Newbie

    By the way about tuner ,i have an question please somebody i want to know why Some chanel(french lover... free xtv )on hot bird image are very noisy and poor quality, in my dreambox 800 **** work good with same antena i have in flash BH.2.03 and i test in meoboot Open pli an Zebra Dem image on VU solo2 receiver.
  8. NickZ

    NickZ Vu+ User

    U need to adjust video options through the main menu first
  9. Godanapo

    Godanapo Guest

    For sure you need, because I dont have any issues on those channels. Using BH 2.0.3 on my Solo2 (without Meoboot).
  10. scipion

    scipion Vu+ Newbie

    I got my new solo2 last week and installed last BH image.
    I added an internal HDD + DVB-T usb stick.
    Everything worked fine and from the begining.

    But: I have a weird problem and was wondering if someone got the same.
    I notice a degradation of the picture quality over time (kind of saturation/yellow on the picture after few hours) and everything is restored fine after reboot.
    I haven't tried yet another image to compare and I didn't test the original image to see.

    Any clue?
  11. Shiro

    Shiro BH-C

    This have nothing to do with image and software side.
    It seems an hardware issue.
    You can test other images to be sure that it is an hardware problem.
  12. KFL

    KFL Vu+ User

    Try to change advanced picture settings, just +-1 (hint from other forum, try also other images).
  13. scipion

    scipion Vu+ Newbie

    I tried that and it is ok at the begining.
    But it seems to change over time without change in the values of the settings.
  14. scipion

    scipion Vu+ Newbie

    So you think that it will also happen with the original image?
    Because I didn't use it for a long time - just tested and then installed BH.
    Maybe I need to do this revert to original image and see.
  15. Shiro

    Shiro BH-C

    yes and PLEASE open a thread in the right section.
    You are off-topic here.
  16. scipion

    scipion Vu+ Newbie

    sorry but I thought it was useful to post it here as it is also part of the review of solo2.
  17. termostat

    termostat Vu+ Newbie

    I'm kinda new in this whole Vu+ (Solo2 BlackHole 2.0.4) game but got it setup in a very nice way and am still discovering new ways the box (running BH image) can surprise me ;)

    And it only sometimes like today, when watching 2013 Moscow World Championships in Athletics,Yelena Isinbayeva attempting to beat the 5.07m World Record...
    ... and the whole box freezes completely. No audio, no video - only her face frozen just seconds before the first attempt.
    Most of the times it is working OK, but moments like that make me nearly throwing it out through a window!

    The only remedy is to kill the power to it.

    I'm just wondering here if it is only my problem or these tuners just have a weak second from time to time...?

  18. hull2012

    hull2012 Vu+ Newbie

    i bought a solo 2 a month ago to replace my duo box,and i have to say that i am not that impressed with it.
    First of all the tuners are abysmal compared to cheaper Linux boxes that do the same job.
    Now before someone jumps down my throat, i know the solo 2 or any other vu boxes are not in the dxers class of receivers, but when you do a manual scan of a satellite it does not find channels that were previously stored on my box and had watchable pictures not pix elated but had a SNR of between 29 and 32.
    The other thing that let me down with this box, is that there is no blind scan,and even though i update my satellite XML file on a regular basis it still does not make up for a good old fashioned blind scan of a satellite.
    I keep reading that it is a driver issue with the blind scan,and i keep reading that vu are working on it,but thus far nothing.
    Picture quality etc on the main satellites cannot be faulted,and the blackhole images are great,but as i said for the price of the boxes i expect better tuners.
  19. PheonixHal

    PheonixHal Vu+ Newbie

    Many thanks. Looks like I made the correct choice ;-)
  20. slaroni

    slaroni Vu+ Newbie

    Many Thanks for the last BH 2.0.7 .
    It´s working very good.
    Coming from a dreambox/merlin i just miss one Thing.
    Teletext with Cache.
    is it possible to get this one in your img??
    would be very nice.

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