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Skin AlienAware Green OBH 4

Discussion in 'OpenBH Skin & Graphics' started by Thomas67, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Thomas67

    Thomas67 Vu+ User

    Here comes version 2 of Skin AlienAware based on MX_HQ10 OBH

    This time i have gone hellgreen ;) In this version as lesson 2 i have added selctbar graphics
    To several screens like addons and settings screen and as tip to other newbi allways use a
    backgrund selctbar png then you dont get any trouble with transparency in listboxes ;)
    (Shortcuts dont works)

    Next version will be yellow and i will destroy Matrix base skin with some new sized panels and design :)
    So slowley i will go from a good copycat to my own build but this use of skincode has been so
    kindly by Matrix 10, Team Blackhole and to learn from the best is so inspiring for an old dog to learn something new.

    But Matrix 10 an Army has done it all so its hard to invent the wheel again, it will allways be round ;)


    infobar.jpg infobarstream.jpg

    addons.jpg settings.jpg

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