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Discussion in 'Kodi & Black Hole' started by Tibii, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Tibii

    Tibii Vu+ Newbie

    I set up Kodi through my Synology NAS using NFS and SMB. It did see the files, I could
    browse directories, it downloaded video information, but when I selected a particular
    file (avi, mkv, etc.) just nothing happened.
    When I copied the file to a USB stick and attached to the VU+'s USB port it did play.

    So I thought that it has nothing to do with the file itself, something should be wrong
    with how VU+ have access to these files through a NAS server.

    It seems that I figured how to solve this issue, at least it does work for me.


    Here is the trick: you have to attach the NAS folder through Root mount. Please read
    the detailed guide how it works for me:

    1) Setup your NAS to enable NFC or SMB, here is a detailed guide for several NASs:

    2) I use MediaPlayer2, instead of MediaPlayer.

    3) Download and Install MediaPlayer2 through Addons from VU+ Main Menu
    (Addons > Addons Download Manager >Blackhole Addons Plugin > select and install MediaPlayer 2 from the list)

    4) Make MediaPlayer2 the default player for Kodi
    Follow the second step in the attached link, to make MediaPlayer 2 the default player for Kodi.
    (Copy, the files to Kodi's directory to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/plugins/extensions/kodi)
    You do not need the first step, because in STEP3 you installed MediaPlayer.

    5) Mount your NAS as Root Directory
    VU+ Main Menu > Setup > System > Select your network connection (WLAN or LAN)

    6) Follow the picture quide to finalize the process: Kodi1.jpg and Kodi2.jpg

    Attached Files:

  2. Tulli0s

    Tulli0s Vu+ Newbie

    Amazing, You're the best!!! Very clear Tutorial and worked on the first try! Even subtitels work thanks to mediaplayer 2! Amazing...!!
    Tibii likes this.
  3. Tibii

    Tibii Vu+ Newbie


    Thanks! It is good to know that I could help to others. Just a little hint: if you downloaded 'Multiquick button' then you could program the launch of Kodi on your remote. So with a single button push you can launch Kodi. Then it really becomes fun.
  4. Raspel

    Raspel Vu+ Newbie

    Thank you. You are the best.
  5. Motogato

    Motogato Vu+ Newbie

    hello, I have blackhole 3.0.9 L in a vu + duo 4K and I can't watch movies from my NAS server but with mediplayer it works well, can anyone help? thank you

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