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SVDownloader v4.23

Discussion in 'Vu+ Plugins' started by dalraist, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. dalraist

    dalraist Moderator

    You can find version 4.23 in BH Addon Panel with Cyrus settings fix and partial fix of some satellites filtering.
    In attachment the version for OE 2.0 without LCN scan.

    SVDownloader 4.23

    SVDownloader is a plugin for Enigma2 which downloads Settings from different sources without deleting your favourite categories.

    Place Plugin file into directory /tmp/ of your STB, and install it through addon manual install procedure.

    When you start the plugin, you just need to select which type of settings you like, how many feeds you want and choose if you want to keep your favourite categories.
    Then you can press the Blue button.
    Eventually, the plugin will ask which categories you want to keep, and then it starts intalling new settings.
    With Selection option, you'll be asked for satellite set you like. The plugin will filter-out evey category/channel not included in your set.
    You can also create a DVB-T category ordered by LCN numbers and organized with separators (you can edit separators.cfg to customize them).

    1.1 - First Release (Beta)
    1.2 - Intent to use internal unzip. Hold for now due to other issues
    1.3 - Fix Cyrus Motor Download Green Screen
    - Fix Bouquet download when change Setting source
    - Automatic Setting Reload implemented
    2.0 - Added Selection feature. You can select any set of satellites you like
    - Fix crash on version button
    2.1 - Onopkos Settings added
    3.0 - Support for translations (English, Italian)
    - Prune out DVBT category with the same name from the list
    - About (Help button)
    - Create DVBT category ordered by LCN
    3.01 - Fix some crashes during installation new settings
    3.1 - Multiple choice on category save (DVBS/S2 and DVBT allowed)
    - Check for DVBT Services before LCN Scan
    4.0 - Plugin core completely re-coded in C++, algorithms optimized and improved
    - You can save every category you like (DVB-S/C/T)
    - Timer for Auto Download Settings. Press Menu button to enter Timer Menu
    - Install Settings from user custom file
    - Fix problem in Extension Management and Auto Update on Dreambox STB
    - No need of python-zlib anymore
    - Fix on Reload Button
    - Add Timer Log Viewer and Clean
    - Minor fixes on GUI
    4.1 - VHannibal and Corvone Settings
    - German Translation (by blu8)
    4.2 - Fix Cyrus settings
    - Add Parental Lock with invisible bouquets
    - Fix on Selection filtering
    4.21 - Parental Lock removed
    - Satellite filtering fix
    - Minor fixes
    4.23 - RAR archives enabled
    - Fix on filter satellites
    - Fix Cyrus

    Attached Files:

  2. leonfe

    leonfe Vu+ Newbie

    è funzionante x OE2.0?
  3. BigEd

    BigEd Vip

    scaricalo dal pannello degli addons BH
    leonfe likes this.
  4. leonfe

    leonfe Vu+ Newbie

    al momento ho ancora la vecchia versione 1.7.9
    leggendo che tanti plugin versione 1.6 non funzionano piu nelle nuove immagini mi chiedevo se almeno questo funzionasse, per poi passare all'ultima versione della B.H.
  5. BigEd

    BigEd Vip

    è meglio che prima aggiorni l'immagine .
  6. leoncino

    leoncino Vu+ User

    L'ho appena installato
    Lasciato come era, ossia Vhannibal , Dual e attivata lo scarico automatico
    Il setting attuale è quello ottenuto tramite il plugin isetting e quindi con la possibilità, dopo la ricerca attraverso il plugin, di avere i canali DVB-T nella cartella digitale terrestre di Vhannibal
    Possibile avere la stessa possibiltà, ossia che aggioni tutte le cartelle tranne la cartella digitale terrestre?
  7. dalraist

    dalraist Moderator

    Basta abilitare l'opzione di mantenere i preferiti

    Inviato dal mio GT-N7100 utilizzando Tapatalk

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