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Three questions to Zero 4K users

Discussion in 'Hardware: All Vu+ models' started by Gold_66, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Gold_66

    Gold_66 Vu+ User

    I'm thinking of going back to Vu+, after a short and disappointing Octagon SF8008 experience.
    I had a Solo 4K, but this time I'll prefer Zero 4K because of blindscan and multistream channels, which were the reasons I gave Octagon a go in the first place.

    So here are my questions, I asked these in OpenATV forum as well, but didn't receive any reply there, I'd appreciate if a friend from my "old" forum can help me with any of these:

    1. Does Zero 4K have an option in audio settings like in the picture below? It was present in Solo 4K but not in Octagon SF8008 that I'm using now, and I'm terribly missing it. The setting screen is from OpenATV but I remember it was almost the same in OBH with Solo 4K.


    2. Is blindscan working ok? Can it find all channels including those on multistream transponders? Because I remember it was a bit troubled when Zero 4K was first introduced.

    3. Can we mount and use a 64 GB usb stick as /media/hdd for recordings and playback of .mkv format movies sent from PC?

    Thanks in advance, it would also be useful to know if there are any downsides that are not present in other Vu+ models.

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  2. Gold_66

    Gold_66 Vu+ User

    Problem solved, feature added to Octagon - thread can be deleted.
  3. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    So you got back to Octagon? Anyway: the feature you pointed at it's not presented the right way because it's not of VU+ in general but, as far as I remember, concerns the image you have.
    For instance in OBH there is an Auto Volume setting among AUDIO track options. At the moment I can't check if there is also in BH, but I think there was a plugin to add it if it wasn't installed by default.
  4. Gold_66

    Gold_66 Vu+ User

    Yep, back to Octagon - I was going to sell it just for this, they did it right in time. ;)
    I was sure it existed in OBH, dunno how I lived without it before (VTi, BH, etc.) it's definitely a "must" for me. :)
    (Btw, plugins don't do the job at all, I tried all of them)
    I don't think it was image-related in Octagon because they told me it was not supported by HiSilicon based devices "yet", but they obviously do now. ;)

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