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Request Update EPGimport (XMLTVimport) and rytec sources

Discussion in 'Black Hole Epg' started by Doglover, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. pluto

    pluto Vu+ Newbie

    That was quick help. Thank you again. Also for finding the fault in the file, I saw your comment in the other forum. I have no time to test now, but will later in the evening, and give feedback.
    I have been using BH for 30 moths, has been working really great. Updated to 3.0.4 because of new epg system. :)
  2. pluto

    pluto Vu+ Newbie

    I have now tested the new file in CrossEPG for source Denmark XMLTV xz format in my Solo2. It is working good, 7 day EPG. :)
    Norway an Sweden still working also, all on 0,8 W.
    UK satellite 28.2 E is also working good, but parsing and possibly downloading several smaller files takes several more minutes than with older epg format file. But i works :)
    However news channels on 28,2 UK have no EPG in the UK satellite source file, I know they are working on it from other forum, so believe it all will be ok.
    Had to delete CrossEPG database files in /media/hdd/crossepg so it builds the database from scratch before it will work. (Must do after first update to 3.0.4 also)
    Big Thanks to you Matrix10 for staying sharp and helping out. BH Image and this forum is really the best. Have never tried any other Image on my Vu's.
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  3. Giopep

    Giopep Vu+ Newbie

    Rytec new italy
  4. Tomas Regal

    Tomas Regal Vu+ Newbie



    I have noticed that in the downloaded " *.conf" files of CrossEPG rytec-source (i.e. "rytec_sverige___diverse__xz_.conf" and on ... ) that there is problem with many of the xz and gz files that are supposed to be downloaded from
    "" i.e. "", I get this error: "XML interpretation error: not well-formed
    Address: Line 1, Column 1:"
    Or not found in some cases...

    I doesn't get the error when i check the "" or ""

    I have replaced "" with ""

    I don't think it's a big problem because of the alternative links in the conf files... but anyway.
    I have only checked a few other country files, and they seems to have same problem with the "" files.

    I use openBH latest in my VUDUO2.

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