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Voice assistant on Vu+ Recievers !

Discussion in 'Satellite & Vu+ News' started by medamine60, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. medamine60

    medamine60 Vu+ User

    Hello all,
    Introduction : :D
    Voice assistant are everywhere now, it's became native to ask Google, Alexa, Siri, Home Boxes and cars to excute some basics tasks.
    Play movie, Music, wheather or confirm what you just said to your freinds:yahoo:
    Since the begenning of Linux based receivers and except some nice features we did not see a real innovation but only an evolution in time.

    To discuss :
    What do you think about a sort of "OK Vu zap to Eurosport 1", "OK Vu search in EPG wheeler dealers" or Ok Vu Save all settings on USB"....
    Do you think that Maurys are working on Voice Assistant or should think about it?
  2. medamine60

    medamine60 Vu+ User

  3. p.rodrigues

    p.rodrigues Vu+ User

    I look for a refrigerator that will serve me, at my voice request, a cold beer! That's what it was!
    So, in a room with several people, guests and/or family, are we going to be talking to the receiver? Is the RCU not enough to interact with the device?
    Possibly I'm outdated ...
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  4. a911

    a911 The BH Lover

    How about if I can talk to my TV?
  5. p.rodrigues

    p.rodrigues Vu+ User

    It must be better than talking to your mother-in-law!:lol:
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  6. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    Great: all this effort to zap to Eurosport... but there are dozens of Eurosport1: which one would it choose?
    One in a bouquet or one among all channels? Well, you can always decide to declaime a poem: "Ehi VU, zap to Eurosport1 but, please, choose the one I have in my bouquet "SPORT").
    Oh! VU! You did not understand what I said? OK, I will explain it again....
    Or: "Ehi VU, save my setting on my USB"; what? which one? Well, the one named "useless" (or was it "invane"?). Well, you decide, dear VU, 'cause I don't want to touch my remote.

    I frankly consider ridiculous this new mania of voice for the stupid things. And comparing it to the situation of using voice when I'm driving is even more ridiculous: that's important.
    Anyway, you should complain to VU+, not to this forum. We are not VU+.
    I don't need voice, I need brain and I remember (and exercise my memory to remember) 80% of the channel numbers I use more often.
    Then there is OBH helping a lot by choosing among channels by the letters in each key.
    So, if I need a channel whose name starts by "M", I press 6 once; if I need "N" I press it twice and so on. Well, this is only a OBHfeature, not present in BH but it's not that tragedy to do that without voice.

    But, above all, as I said, you should complain to VU+, not to this forum. We are not VU+.
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  7. paperino61

    paperino61 Vu+ User

    IMHO (but I'm not very young rather) I consider it really stupid .... only those jerks of samsung can like it. the last samsung television that I have bought (special offer), it only has a stupid voice remote control and not a normal one with the buttons; for example to go to channel 1 you have to press the keys 4 times, or use the voice: CRAZY. Never again Samsung for me !!!
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