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Vu SOLO 4K and CAM.

Discussion in 'CI Modules' started by Thodor, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Thodor

    Thodor Vu+ Newbie


    After upgrading to BH 3.0.8., there is an issue with my CAM cards.

    Using vu SOLO 4K. Modules; Canal Digital, approved by CD and Viaccess DVB and associated smart cards. The CD module worked fine after pairing with the SOLO when using the SOLOs original interface.

    Neither one produce a picture now after installing BH 3.0.8. Have not used BH before. Signals are okay. Is this a pairing issue? Or what?

    Best regards. Thodor.
  2. Thodor

    Thodor Vu+ Newbie

    Hello again.

    I answer myself. I have reached the conclusion that there are no faults with the BH 3.0.8 concerning CAM modules. After trial and error everything functions well. I my case I had forgotten that the chip on the smart card should be up. There are signals and pictures now.

    Best regards. Thodor
  3. mccann007

    mccann007 Vu+ User

    NO support for CAMs here, READ RULES
  4. insanity

    insanity Vip

    Ci Modul is OK

    Inviato dal mio F3311 utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac BH Lover

    If it was like you claim, I wonder why we could have a Common Interface section in our images ;)
    CAMs are Smartcams modules, not softcams!
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