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Uno VU+ Uno 4K SE - Really Basic Hardware Questions??

Discussion in 'Hardware: All Vu+ models' started by CRMS, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. CRMS

    CRMS Vu+ Newbie

    I am looking at getting the Uno 4K SE to replace and elderly UK Humax Foxsat HDR Freesat device. It will be twin satellite tuner S2X, and I've found the manuals for the Uno which I hope is a start. I'll be using the TOSLINK to a USB powered Bluetooth transmitter unit and portable loudspeaker so I can listen to radio without needing the TV on.

    I'll be using it on a boat, for which the 12v is brilliant. Unfortunately, as I travel and moor in different places, I have to find the satellite each time. This is not difficult and I manage a 30% success rate of finding the satellite when I switch on with the Humax and also use a small satellite tuner box.

    But some basic Qs:

    I hope the tuning to satellite, Astra 28E, is easy??

    With my current LNB, non wide band and non unicable, with 2 cables I think I can achieve 8 channel recording with the internal loop through??

    Can any plugins be downloaded to PC and transferred by USB stick?? Or do I need wifi/ethernet connection on the Uno?? What sort of size are plugins - MB??

    And do I need a permanent internet connection or just when I want a plugin or updates??

    I'd like to be able to display the EPG, to set timers, and view recorded programmes on the small display. Can anyone confirm what is the capabilty of the small screen and in general what can be displayed on it??

    Any other points I should consider??

    Many thanks
  2. a911

    a911 The BH Lover

    Please see Few replies in red!

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