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Announcements Vu+ vs PrismCube

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Shiro, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Shiro

    Shiro BH-C

    Many people over the last few last days have been asking us, what is the relationship between Vu+ and Prismcube?
    What are the main differences and if Vu+ machines can run Prismcube images and vice versa ?

    1) Vu+ and PrismCube are totally different machines with totally different hardware.
    Vu+ are mipsel machines and run enigma2 based images, PrismCube Ruby is an arm machine and runs XBMC based images. PrismCube Ruby is only the first box of the PrismCube series. Others will follow.

    2) The Vu+ machines cannot run PrismCube images and PrismCube machines cannot run Vu+ images.

    3) Vu+ and PrismCube products are from the same Korean factory.
    Marusys is the parent company of the Vu+ company.
    Marusys is the manufacturer of all the PrismCube products that are distributed around the world from regardless of the company name on the box.

    4) Black Hole team support both Vu+ and PrismCube products.
    The Vu+ products are supported here and the PrismCube products are supported @

    Hopefully now that is all a little bit clearer.
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  2. scoot1690

    scoot1690 Vu+ Newbie

    thanks shiro
  3. paolino

    paolino Vu+ User+++

    Great !
  4. fesoj

    fesoj Vu+ Newbie

    is this the beginning of the end of the VU??
  5. paolino

    paolino Vu+ User+++

    I don't think so. By my opinion Vu+ and PrismCube boxes will live together. (I like Vu+ Solo2, my wife PrismCube :)).
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  6. ekkostar

    ekkostar Vu+ Newbie

    The Prismcube Ruby is the first XBMC4STB machine by Marusys. There will be future models and the XBMC4STB platform is pretty set to grow via future models. Marusys is fully supporting this new direction.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2013
  7. farray

    farray Vu+ Newbie

    The onset of the prismcube makes me both sad and thrilled. Sad at the VU's inevitable death and thrilled at what's to come. Time only will tell.
  8. Shiro

    Shiro BH-C

    Inevitable death ?
    Are you joking ?
    Have you understood or not that are two product lines absolutely different that will have a totally different lives, develop and targets ?
    Vu+ have a long long life ahead, maybe longer than PrismCube. Who can know now ?
  9. YipMan

    YipMan Vu+ User

    Since their system is totally different, I do not believe that one of the two is dead over time, however if they were even system, then we can say that there is a technical and commercial battle in a same field : it's like in a football game:haha:
  10. fesoj

    fesoj Vu+ Newbie

    It has already begun .... 3 new images for the prism cube against 1 for the VU
  11. violino

    violino Vu+ Newbie

    Hey guys, I have a vu+duo (Nov. 2011) and I want to change because of lack of memory on vu+duo.( I have black screens sometimes and image freezing).

    What do you think is better prism cube or vu+solo2?.
  12. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    For SAT TV vu+solo2
  13. Satdumbum

    Satdumbum Vu+ Newbie

    There is no battle. To think so is inane. They are different to appeal to different buyers. To ask which one is better is to miss the bigger picture, one machine may be "better" than another in terms of features or quality but that is not the issue here, they are not really in competition but complementary each with its own appeal and development path. To think this would be the demise of the vu brand is stupid.

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