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HDD used for OMB totally wiped out after a BH crash

Discussion in 'Vu+ Multiboot' started by Alexwilmac, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    I’ve been using OMB for a long time, now. Until some days ago I had it configured this way
    OBH in flash (4.1. or 4.2)
    BH 3.06 and some other images in OMB
    OMB resided on my HDD

    I had never had any problems before the really odd (and annoying) issue happened some days ago.

    As I had done many many times before, I rebooted into BH306. Trying to record something from sat, I had the message it was not possible. SO I went into the BH apps to mount the HDD.
    It gave me the message it had to restart GUI and I did it. After the restart, the mount had not been done.
    So, I tried several times to mount and, after the last attempt, I had a GSD where I could read something about openmultiboot plugin.

    Only… the result was really bad: some way, omb had deleted every folders and files in my HDD.
    So, I lost many recordings and some folders with special settings. Nothing personal, fortunately, and nothing I cannot help having. But it was very, very annoying.
    How can a plugin do such a specific work as deleting everything in a device?
    Here are the last lines from the crashlog:

    OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/media/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/var/mnt/hdd/open-multiboot/BH-3.0.6/media'
    (PyObject_CallObject(<Tools.BoundFunction.boundFunction instance at 0x8a323df0>,(0,)) failed)
    getResolvedKey config.plugins.crashlogautosubmit.sendAnonCrashlog failed !! (Typo??)
    resolve: resolve ${sysconfdir}/enigma2/settings
    resolve: -> /etc/enigma2/settings
    getResolvedKey config.plugins.crashlogautosubmit.addNetwork failed !! (Typo??)
    resolve: resolve ${sysconfdir}/enigma2/settings
    resolve: -> /etc/enigma2/settings
    getResolvedKey config.plugins.crashlogautosubmit.addWlan failed !! (Typo??)
    resolve: resolve ${sysconfdir}/enigma2/settings
    resolve: -> /etc/enigma2/settings
  2. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    By the information in the Log
    I would not say Plugin erased your HDD.
    Plugin could not find Multiboot folders ,
    this means something happened before that.
    But I do not know what happened.
  3. nunigaia

    nunigaia Moderator

    Try to unmount physically your HDD ( i.e, unattach it from your STB ) and check if the image you have installed in flash, boots normally.
    If so, probably, the kernel gets corrupted!

    Now this is just supposed ( causes this issue ):

    • Installation of OpenPli image ( Open Multiboot )
    • Installation of VTI image ( also on Open Multiboot )
    best regards
  4. Alexwilmac

    Alexwilmac Vip

    Yes, I immediately removed the HDD to examine it, by the same softwares I use to assist my customers, and it was empty!
    I obviously also checked its healt status, although it is almost new, and it's OK.
    The recovering of my files resulted in a too much fractioned panorama and then it was too complicated. So I gave up with it.
    Now I'm using again the same HDD with omb: I installed OBH 4.1 but I don't want BH again! After all, I'm now totally devoted to OBH. BH was there just for... "academic" reasons ;)

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