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Skin for BlackHole-2.1.7-vuuno

Discussion in 'Vu+ Skins & Bootlogos' started by forzajuve, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. forzajuve

    forzajuve Vu+ Newbie


    I tried to download a skin for my BlackHole-2.1.7-vuuno image, but I didn't find any one on the Black Hole image server (skins)

    Is it possible to give the skin file in order to install it manually ?

    Why the skins for the old version of BH have disappeared ?

    PS: I can't install a new BH image because I don't have enough space after installation, that's why I still on 2.1.7
  2. forzajuve

    forzajuve Vu+ Newbie

    I am looking for army darksky 2.x.x
  3. bogdanm

    bogdanm Moderator

    This skin is fixed to last version image.
    I think you mast be look to old post or maybe someone have he on his box.

    Why you no used OBh image in flash and last Bh or OBh in moltiboot
  4. forzajuve

    forzajuve Vu+ Newbie

    I tried to find it in old post but I didn't find it
  5. forzajuve

    forzajuve Vu+ Newbie

    Is there any one still having the old versions for the skins (2.x.x) ?
    When I take a look into the Black Hole image server (skins), I only find those for 3.0.x
    Why the team has dropped the old one ?
  6. Thomas67

    Thomas67 Vip

    There are several reason for not having old skin in the image feed.

    1. Its old and no longer compatible with any Vu+ STB

    2. Installing old skin might chrash your STB if you dont install equal old plugins.

    4. Now days 99% of the STB running that old image are Clones and for them there are Zero support.

    Do as Bogdanm advice you. Download and flash your STB with OpenBlackhole
    and if you still want to run Blackhole image then take advantage of the Multiboot plugin
    and install latest BH Image. And for that image you find DarkSky as both HD and FHD :)
    But most important you get a modern today image that brings new life into your Vu+
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  7. forzajuve

    forzajuve Vu+ Newbie

    Thank you for your response Thomas67
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  8. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator


    Im sorry,
    We can not provide support for old and new images.
    That would be hundreds of skins on the server and in the download lists.

    You ca use Open Black Hole which is smaller for flash.

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