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Vu+ Zero conectar por wifi

Discussion in 'Vu+ Zero Immagini Black Hole' started by Alvaro87, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Alvaro87

    Alvaro87 Vu+ Newbie

    Alguien sabe como conectar el Vu+ zero por wifi? Me reconoce el adaptador ralink 8812ac pero despues sale para poner las ip, mascara de subred, dns, protocolo thcp, etc etc, y es un poco lio. Si alguien puede decirme los pasos a seguir. Gracias.
  2. a911

    a911 The BH Lover

    [QUOTE = "Alvaro87, post: 255635, member: 142701"] Does anyone know how to connect the Vu + zero via wifi? I recognize the adapter ralink 8812ac but then it comes out to put the ip, subnet mask, dns, thcp protocol, etc etc, and it is a bit messy. If someone can tell me the steps to follow. Thank you. [/ QUOTE]

    please post at the proper section

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