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OpenBH 1.0 Vu+ Solo4K

Discussion in 'OpenBH Vu+ Solo4K Images' started by Ev0, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. hadsam

    hadsam Vu+ Newbie

    thank you
  2. zigomar

    zigomar Vu+ Newbie

    In standby "spdif" remains active. My home cinema turns off and on again.
    Do you know a solution ??
    VU+ 4k solo
  3. hasan.m

    hasan.m Vu+ Newbie

    Greetings to the moderator Please download a new version of the Open Black Hole image
    Just as the Black Hole Edition with features to download is a turning point in the open-black hole image, we are looking forward to the different version of this beautiful image thanks.
  4. barancek

    barancek Vu+ Newbie

    Does anyone recommend to mount ****** ARM in this image? In 0.6 it is reliable and there is a malfunction
  5. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

  6. paperino61

    paperino61 Vu+ User

    you must put your own config files into /etc/openvpn though.
    For me Openvpn in OBH 1.0 doesn't work.....
    my config file in etc/openvpn are ok...
    with original obh 0.6 all works fine.... when I make update it doesn't work anymore (using OBH 1.0, it doesn't work from begin)
    Ev0 said: ↑
    I made some config changes to OBH 1.0.009 with openvpn, it seems there is a conflict between the OE-A openvpn and OBH openvpn (in the Open Black Hole Settings panel).

    Please try it again, but if it still does not work for you, then you could try going into Menu - Setup - System - Network - OpenVPN setup and then disable the Autostart in there (yellow button), then go back into the OBH version (2x blue button) and enable autostart in there.
    I tried the solution (fresh installation of new image etc)

    Hi to all..... some good news for using OPNVPN in OBH 1.09 (I like it very much) without my bad solution (see above) ?
    I'm having a lot of problem with it (using BH 3.04 no problem with same configuration file, but I'd like tu use OBH)
    tks in advance
  7. nikos201

    nikos201 Vu+ Newbie

    After installing OBH image in solo4k,
    Kodi is not there.

    Thanks in advance.

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