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Signal problems with Vu+Solo - Stab HH120

Discussion in 'Newbies Questions & Infos' started by meho7, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. meho7

    meho7 Vu+ Newbie


    After a few years of usage my old Moteck SG2100 got faulty (wouldn't turn - clicking noises)
    I've replaced it with a Stab hh120.
    Now here's where the problems start.
    The first problem is im getting really low signal from strong positions - for example on Astra 19.2° channel is ZDF i only get 70% while before i got close to 100%(it's the same with 9e AFN only 61% , Hotbird 13e too). I tried everything (changed inclination/elevation, tried moving it) I have no idea what the problem could be.
    Then there's the second one. When I try to move from position A to B - for example going from 0.8w to 7e the motor moves the dish a few degrees further. I've tried fine tuning in the Vu+ tuner settings, stored the position and it still goes a few degrees over meaning it doesn't lock.
    So what could be the problem? Faulty Vu tuner? Could it be the cables? Maybe the LNB?
    This thing is really stressing me out.
  2. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    I have the same rotor and have been working for years without any problems.
    Because of the big signal loss compared to earlier you have to start from the very beginning.
    By connecting (direct) the LNB without the motor and by measuring the signal
    with and without a rotor connected.
    I personally think something is wrong with your cables (connections) and maybe LNB
  3. Tururu

    Tururu Vu+ User+++

    If before changing the engine, good levels and after changing the engine, low levels.
    The adjustment with the new engine is bad.
    The engines are critical, touch patience and adjust everything step by step.
    Si antes de cambiar el motor, niveles buenos y despues de cambiar el motor, niveles bajos.
    El ajuste con el nuevo motor es malo.
    Los motores son criticos, toca paciencia y ajustar todo paso a paso.
    En español para mi.
  4. meho7

    meho7 Vu+ Newbie

    I think i found the problem, the lnb out port for the receiver is a bit loose on the motor. Could that be causing issues?
  5. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    Of course
    Probably the middle pin of the connector detached
    from the board inside the rotor.
    Which means that it must be re-soldered.
  6. Tururu

    Tururu Vu+ User+++

    Always a loose connector causes problems.
    See if the levels improved by forcing.
    Use the engine's warranty.
    Siempre un conector flojo causa problemas.
    Mira si los niveles mejoraron forzando con la mano.
    Usa la garantia del motor.
  7. meho7

    meho7 Vu+ Newbie

    Yeah it's still in warranty. I did try to connect the cable directly to lnb and gained about 10% of signal so thats that :rolleyes:
    Also any idea what could be the problem if the motor doesn't wanna go back to 0 position
    My previous moteck is stuck on the west side and wont go back even if i try to do it manually - clicking sound, but does go all the way to 30w
  8. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    About HH120

    If you have a signal loss and bad connection on LNB out
    This means that the power for the motor and diseqc controls is not good.
    So most likely the same reason.
    Losing contact between the connector and the internal electronic board in the rotor.
  9. Matrix10

    Matrix10 Administrator

    Abot moteck as well as other rotors

    If the rotor rotates only one side
    The cause can be different.
    But there are three main situations.

    1. The receiver has a malfunction
    2. The rotor has a malfunction
    and probably the most defective chip that turns the rotor
    For the rotation, the voltage of a different polarity is used.
    So it only works most commonly the positive polarity and does not work the negative polarity.
    3.Of course, the mechanical problem is also possible.

    For info

    The rotor consists of three main parts.
    Input filter
    which divides the LNB signal and commands from the voltage and motor controls
    An electronic chip, driver that serves the motor voltage
    and the electronic counter
    Which counts, number of motor rotation.
    It is located on the rotor motorhead.
    Small magnets rotate together with the axis of the rotor
    and the transistors react to the magnetic field
    counts the number of rotations.
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  10. Tururu

    Tururu Vu+ User+++

    The new one uses the Stab hh120 warranty.
    The original SG2100 (I have 2), dismantles and greases well inside.
    The bronze cap sticks normally.

    It changes the capacitors (100.000p 50V) that are around the sensor, they usually give problems over time.
    If the motor does not rotate, it is normal for the protection to jump and the LED to turn red.
    Photos of a clone similar to the SG2100.
    El nuevo usa la garantia Stab hh120.
    Los SG2100 originales (tengo 2), desmonta y engrasa bien por dentro.
    El casquillo de bronce se pega normalmente.

    Cambia los condensadores (100.000p 50V)que estan alrededor del sensor all, suelen dar problemas con el tiempo.
    Si el motor no gira, es normal que salte la proteccion y se ponga rojo el led.
    Fotos de un clon similar al SG2100.

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